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Smartphone Water Damage Repair Services

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 Water damageAre you wondering what to do when your phone gets in water? Did you drop your Smartphone into the toilet while you were on Facebook? worry no more. We offer smartphone water damage repair services.

5 Steps on what to do when your phone gets in water. 

Here are a few easy steps to bring your smartphone back to life, after dropping it into some liquid.

1. Remove Phone From Water

The longer your phone stays submerged in water, the more likely serious damage it may occur. Get your phone out of liquid as soon as possible.

2. Turn Off Phone

Turning off the phone off protects it from short circuiting. If possible, also remove the battery. The idea is to turn off the phone as quickly as possible to prevent serious damage.

iPhones: Hold the lock and home button simultaneously for 5 seconds to turn off your phone quickly.

Android: Remove the battery to shut down instantly (if possible). Otherwise hold the lock button, swipe screen when prompted with a shutdown notification.

3. Let The Water Out

Remove all removal parts and connections to allow water to drain out of your phone. Remove the battery, any earphones, SIM or memory cards if possible.

4. Wash Phone With Home dry(dry cleaner)

Do NOT wash your phone with water as water contains impurities and minerals which can damage the phones sensitive components. Buy some dry cleaner liquid, sprinkle it on the motherboard while washing it using a toothbrush. The water will be dried up and the motherboard components will be free from dust particles which could have caused short circuit.

5. Test Phone

After your phone is dry, reassemble it if you opened it up. Try turning it on, if it turns on then you’re in the clear. If unsuccessful, try:

Charging it

– Syncing it

– Swapping the battery

If it still does not work after trying the above, your phone most likely died following its swim. Take it to a repair shop and try get it fixed, however this may simply not be an economical option. If this is the case, you can sell your phone and buy a pre-owned phone or tablet for a low cost replacement for your existing water damaged smartphone or tablet.

If you are around in Nairobi, Kenya, Nel’s mobile repair shop offers the best and yet affordable smartphone water damage repair services.

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