Is your phone not Charging Properly? Do you have to set the phone at a certain angle to charge it? Is your charging port loose? Is your phone charger plugged but not charging? In most cases your phone needs Charging system replacement in Kenya.

If your battery isn’t charging properly, don’t immediately assume your phone charger or your battery is faulty. As a result

Either it won’t charge at all plugged in, or it will charge very slowly (sometimes barely faster than it is discharging).

Most charging problems are related to your USB cable or charger, or even the port itself.

If you see some off-colored residue or debris around the charging port or notice that pins are broken in the port or if you have been continuously inserting and removing the charger into the port all these can lead to hardware defects that might lead to improper content.Nels Mobile Repair is a one stop solution for smartphone repair as we have access to all the high-quality OEM parts.

If you are looking out for a Charging system replacement in Kenya you are at the right place.

If the charging port of your smartphone or iPhone fails

Nels Mobile Repair has expert technicians with years of experience on phone repair, whether it’s a charging port issue for a Samsung phone, iPhone, iPad or tablet, whichever brand or model we will fix the charging port issue within no time and at an affordable price.

We are located at Odeon Tom Mboya Street Nairobi, Zeni Mall opposite Imenti house Shop G4. Ask for Nelson.

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