Apple iPhone 13 Camera Replacement.

KSh 7,500.00


Odeon Tom Mboya street Nairobi To guarantee a dependable and superior repair, you must rely on certified and professional repair services for your Apple iPhone 13 Rear camera replacement needs. The camera parts of the iPhone 13 are incorporated into the smartphone and are not usually changeable by the user.


The following are important things to think about while looking to replace your camera:

  1. Authorised Service Providers: The best choice for camera replacements is an Apple-authorized service provider.
  2. At Nels Mobile Repairs, we can do the Apple iPhone 13 Rear Camera replacement appropriately because we have certified technicians and access to original Apple parts.
  3. High-quality Parts: To preserve the camera’s functionality and quality, we use authentic Apple parts.
  4. Warranty: To give our customers piece of mind about the longevity of the repair, we offer warranties on our work and parts.
  5. Cost: Apple iPhone 13 Rear Camera price is Ksh.7,500 only at our shop. Prices may vary though,obtaining a quote is a good idea before starting the repair.
  6. Backup Data: To avoid any possible data loss during the repair procedure, make sure you back up your data before delivering your device for repair.
  7. Timeline: Apple iPhone 13 Rear camera repair should take 30-40 minutes to finish. Though it usually won’t take long, it’s still a good idea to know when you may anticipate receiving your iPhone back.


Keep in mind that replacing your Apple iPhone 13 camera yourself might be dangerous, violating your warranty, and causing additional harm to the equipment.

It’s usually advisable to leave camera replacements to experts who possess the know-how and have access to the necessary equipment and parts to guarantee a satisfactory repair. We have best Apple iPhone 13 Rear Camera price.We are the right solution, welcome.

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