Sumsung A32 Screen replacement.

KSh 7,000.00


Does your phone have cracks in/on the screen? Or is your Sumsung A31 screen in Kenya no longer responding to touch? In most cases, your Sumsung A31 screen needs to be replaced. Are you unsure whether it is necessary? Check if your issue is listed down below

When do you know you need to replace your Sumsung A31 screen?

-There are cracks in the glass of the
-Vertical colored stripes are visible
in the screen.
-Black ink spots are visible on the
-Your screen no longer lights up while
your phone is on.
-The display no longer responds to
We use the highest quality replacement parts available to fix mobile phones. Most of the time we use original parts but if those are not available, we will use a replacement that provides the same functionality. You can check with us before about what quality part is available for your particular phone. All parts are tested before we fit them.
Screen replacements are manufacturers same specification, expect perfect repair. After the sumsung A11 screen repair, everything will work properly again.

Sumsung A31 Screen is replaced with an OLED screen.


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