Tecno repair shop

Tecno Repair shop in Kenya

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Tecno repair shop

We are a leading Tecno repair Shop in Kenya providing professional realme repair services. We have trained technicians who can handle all Tecno models. Our Tecno Repair shop in Kenya is located at Odeon Tom Mboya Street Nairobi, Rasumal House opposite Imenti house, Shop G21


Tecno is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. With increasing investments on their R&D, branding strategy and marketing campaigns, they are continuously developing and improving the quality of parts and its innovative products and features.


However, this does not mean Tecno mobile phones do not go through its natural wear and tear. If you accidentally break your Tecno phone our Tecno We have trained technicians who can handle all Tecno smartphone repair as we have access to all the high-quality OEM parts.


If you are looking out for Tecno repair Shop in Kenya – you are at the right place.


We can also arrange professional mail in/ courier services and same day pickup and delivery services for those who are far away and cannot make it to our shop in Nairobi.


We repair all kinds of hardware and software issues in our Tecno Repair shop in Kenya to run it again as good as new. Most Tecno repair takes 30-45mins as you wait.


Here are some of the problems we solve in our Tecno Repair shop in Kenya.

Tecno Broken Screen repair.

Have you cracked your Tecno phone screen? Is your Tecno phone touch screen broken and you are finding it hard to continue using your phone? Has your phone screen lost sensitivity and you are not able to type or touch some parts of the screen. Nels Mobile Repairs will repair all Tecno screen issues within 40minutes

Check:Tecno Spark 9pro screen replacement.


Tecno Battery replacement.

Are you experiencing Tecno phone battery drain, and you keep asking ‘why is my phone battery draining so fast? Why is my Tecno phone not holding charge? Does your Tecno phone have Swollen battery? New battery will give your phone a new life. This phone repair service comes with warranty and the job usually takes 20-30 minutes

Tecno charging system repair/replacement. 

Is your Tecno phone Not Charging Properly? Do you have to hold the phone at a certain angle to charge it? Is your charging port loose? Is your phone charger is plugged in but not charging? At Nels Mobile Repairs we will diagnose the problem with your charging port and perform a repair or replace it if necessary.


Tecno water damage repair. 

If your Tecno phone gets wet, or has any kind of liquid damage, Nels Mobile Repairs has expert technicians with years of experience on Tecno liquid damage repair and will ensure your phone gets back to life again.


Tecno earpiece/mouthpiece repair.

If you can’t hear a person’s voice clearly, hear crackling, hear static, or have issues with sound quality then the problem is the earpiece of your Tecno smartphone. Nels Mobile Repairs will repair/Replace your earpiece in less than 40mins.


Tecno front or rare camera repair/replacement.

Are you having camera problems on your Tecno smartphone? Can’t connect to the camera? Front phone camera not working? Back phone camera not working? camera and flashlight not working? or do you require Tecno Phone camera glass replacement? You are in the right place, Nels Mobile Repairs are the repair experts in Nairobi.


Tecno power button repair/replacement.

If you are having trouble using your Tecno smartphone home button, it could be one of many problems both software and hardware that Nels Mobile Repairs can solve within no time. Trust the experts with your Tecno phone Home button repairs.


Tecno cracked housing repair/replacement.

is your Tecno phone housing cracked or broken? Is your back panel cracked, or smartphone chassis broken? When it happens, we are here to help? Nels Mobile Repairs will solve all your Tecno Housing issues and leave your phone brand new.


Tecno volume button repair/replacement 

Is your Tecno smartphone volume button stuck? is your volume button glitching? Does the volume button not click? Does the volume button only respond sometimes? Does your Tecno phone lower or increase volume randomly? Do not worry, Nels Mobile Repairs will ensure that all your volume button issues are sorted in less than 40 minutes.

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