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Camera lens replacement.

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Camera repair Nairobi

Looking for Camera lens replacement?

The cameras on our smartphones play a vital role in our day to day life – they remind us of the happy moments we had with our friends and families, places we’ve been to, and our past activities. Breakage on the camera lens will mean a new camera lens replacement in Nairobi will be needed.

However, as useful and beautiful as it is, they’re vulnerable to damages. While most of the damages made to the camera comes from poor handling, it may also be caused if you have used the camera extensively under hot temperature, or damaged by water.

If you notice that your phone camera is not working appropriately, or you receive a notification that says ‘unable to connect to the camera’ after launching the camera app. Do not panic,

Where to take your phone for camera lens replacement in Nairobi.

Here at Nels mobile repair we are specialized in fixing every problem you may encounter with your phone devices, right from a broken screen to battery, charging port and all related hardware and software issues, including the cameras on your smartphones.

Most common issues with phone camera may be hardware or software and include:

  1. Camera app seems to be frozen
  2. Back camera shows nothing but a black screen;
  3. Switching between front and rear cameras freezes the app;
  4. Some camera options (HDR, Camera roll, Flash) are missing;
  5. Camera flash doesn’t sync with shots.
  6. Broken camera glass
  7. Completely damaged camera.

If the front or back camera  of your smartphone or iPhone fails, Nels Mobile Repairs has expert technicians with years of experience on camera lens replacement, whether your need phone camera lens replacement  for a Samsung phone, iPhone, iPad or tablet, whichever brand or model we will fix the faulty camera issue within no time and at an affordable price.

Visit or contact our smartphone and iPhone repair Center in Nairobi for a quick fix for smartphones, iPhones, tablets and iPad damaged camera issues. We fix camera damage issues for Samsung, iPhone, Techno, Infinix, Oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, Nokia, HTC, Sony, Lg, Blackberry, Oneplus and all other phone brands. Repair guide

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